Facebook BST


How do I get onto the facebook BST? Does anyone know? ??? ??? ???


Pretty sure there’s a button that says join or request to join

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T



Somebody will have to approve your entrance, though. That usually does not take long.


I requested multiple times but never got accepted. Is there something you have to do?


Since we’re talking about social media, probably post more incendiary political positions and pictures of your food.


Which BST is it? Maybe we’re not talking about the same one. The big one and, pretty much, the only one that matters is the one called “Yoyo BST and Talk.” Try that one if it isn’t what you’ve tried already.


Like Zorro said, “YoYo BST and Talk” is the largest and really the only active group. It’s not really hard to get in, there’s a lot of members. I always thought they just accept anyone if they request, maybe pm one of the admins?


Yeah I requested that one. Maybe there’s something wrong with mt Facebook. I’ll pm an admin I geuss.


They accepted me; I think they do accept anyone


I messaged an admin and got in. Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Also, is there any way to see someones reputation on the facebook bst? It seems kinda risky…


Just ask on their about a certain person. Chances are, somebody’s dealt with him.