(Runez4lyf) #1

I was just wandering who you think should be a forum expert that isn’t?


(JonasK) #2

This usually shows up in the eXpert thread…

I think rsmod123.


lol A new of these threads come up every time its the beginning of a new month. Last month, I think SR made this post. But still, I’m pretty sure its gonna be GM user, JM or Evan. (Not in any order)

DYonch and Xdohl just don’t come here anymore. If they were still here, them.

Oh oh oh and probably JM can become an instant moderator too, because he can help design graphics and code this website ;D Not saying that anyone else can’t, but he would be a great mod imo.


I agree JM would make an awesome mod…


DYonch still comes here. Xdohl is just on vacation though.

(JM) #6

Wow, thanks guys!


I have to vote for JM…its not me.


Everyones so modest here…


True :wink:

… GM.


i think Jm would be a great moderator

(Shisaki) #11

Yep, Jeremy is somewhere close to like arabia or something.

(JM) #12

That’s the point! We are all here to help each other by sharing information that we actually know. We are all so modest because none of us believe we are better than the other and none of us think we know everything. We’re not here to show off, just to help each other grow as yo-yoers! That is one of the reasons I joined up here instead of other forums, everyone is so nice and willing to help when you need it!

(JonasK) #13

Here’s the outcomes I’d like:

-eXpert becomes moderator
-rsmod, gm user or DYonch becomes eXpert and JM is made instant mod
-JM becomes eXpert

(Marvin.D) #14

i would like to be one day but i have to go with jm or gm


I think Rsmod should be the next eXpert, and JM would make an awesome mod.

(Runez4lyf) #16

I think it should be GM user and JM.

They’re too cool not to be experts! Ha Ha!


Lol I misread your sentence, I thought you said they were “too not cool” haha. Spent 20 seconds reading it, and finally understood :-[

Anyway, Apetrunk could be one too ;D Iron too ;D


Me? Naw. I barely do much.


I think its rsmod or JM, Once again, its not me.

(JM) #20

I’m not either, but made he/she doesn’t know yet?