does everyone hate me?


Because you are off topic, immature, bad spelling, no grammar, and offend people.

I don’t “Hate” you but you are getting on my (and a ton of other peoples) nerves.


I don’t hate you.



we do not hate you.
just please try and help others and do not post nonsense.
if you need help then ask a question.
if you are on and are not looking for yoyo help and just want to talk then this is not the right place. go to the chat for that. please keep that in mind next time


Yep you do :stuck_out_tongue:


Or post here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,1756.0.html


Here is my goal…

Every one of my posts should have a good purpose.

You should try it :wink:


good advice my man

(JonasK) #9

I think you guys are doing some severe mistakes here (and I’m not just pointing at random here). Instead of PM’ing random and saying exactly what he’s doing and the exact consequences, you’ve decided to bash him. Now a lot of you might wonder what the right way to solve this is, but I can’t tell you that. I can, however, tell you that solving this the wrong way is wrong.

He is notified of the problem and he said he was sorry. He is completely new to all of this so I suggest that we actually learn him how to act and post instead of just yelling at him.

It’s really important to keep a calm mind in these situations, and several of you have failed.


Good. I PM’d Andre like 15 min ago.


so did i


What’s Andre’s account name?

And, I PM’d him to report you, and if you did, I reported you before.

I wasn’t annoying, so there’s nothing to PM him for. :slight_smile:

(JonasK) #13

I think he sent a PM to say he was sorry.




Im sorry but i think Im missing something here! This is the 1st time im hereing of you random! To be honest! It sounds like this is all getting a bit to serious! i mean C’mon! I think we all kinda need to lighten up abit! if some one annoys you don’t go crying about it! Man (or woman) up and ignore it! Unless of course a person is swearing, being racist, false trading etc, then yeah report them but if some one goes off topic its it really that big of a deal? yeah it can annoy you or offend you! but so what! Be offended! Nothing happens! its not like if you get offended a kitten dies! for example Im offended by boy bands! 5 guys prancing round in matching white suits singing a load of old rubbish! But so what! I can be offended! nothing happens, ANYWHOOO! So no i dont hate you, dont even know who u are!
Now i presume my little rant here will annoy some of you! Id like to say Im sorry but Im not, this is just my opinion!
p.s Before some of you say “but hes not following the rules of the site to the letter!” let the little rules bend i bit i say! FREEEEEDOM!!! FTW! lol

EDIT!! I’ve just read through your post! yeah you are talking quite a lot of rubbish! but hey ho! If people dont like it they should ignore you!

(JackG) #16

yeah im really sorry.
hes my brother
but…i dont think we are related

(Mitch) #17

I’ve got to ask…How old is Random?

(JonasK) #18

That probably made him feel a lot better :P.

Seriously, that’s just way too cold. It’s like saying that you don’t want to be his brother.

(JackG) #19



Your related ??? ???

I think Random thinks being Random is funny.