Ever Notice?


André’s hair looked spikier then not now?

Mickey changes dressing common every two years since 02

Samad always seems to wear a T-Shirt during his videos and they are always the same color

JD always wear Muscle Shirts during his videos

I always put in the obvious and wrong information?


I always, tap my toe while I do a trick.

Steven flips his hair a LOT.

I poop a lot?

I think i get this…


I wear the same jacket all the time. ::slight_smile:


I never comb my hair.

(Mark) #5

Well, Mickey has aquired an affinity for Bape Clothing.


I’m not in the chat rooms that much anymore?

Samad thinks he’s a ninja even though he hasn’t gone through the training I’ve been through?

I talk a lot?

I hang out in the unrelated and general forums a lot?

Not many people know Yuuki Spencer’s ethinicity?


Haha! You’ve definitely not gone through a fraction of what I have!


Ninja Qualifitcation according to Samad:

Here is my answer, something both me and my friend have done.

First, you have to be at our school. You must complete the Explore class “Logic Puzzles” and complete the tangram alphabet.

Then, you must climb Mt Vesuvius, and dive in to rescue the forbidden cat, then throw it back in.

Afterward, you go to the beach, take a rock, throw it across the ocean, but it has to be skipping. Run across the ocean, get to an island, and catch the same rock, then throw it back.

Next, you need to moonwalk to the moon on the stairway to heaven.



You are correct sir! However, we have in fact established the ninja academy as of May.


I’m not Chuck Norris you know (or am I?)

The qualifications of Asia (as of 800 BC)

  1. Know the ancient art of Kung Fu

  2. Throw cards with dexterity and skill

  3. Make loud noises when you hit things

  4. Deflect Bullets

  5. Make really cool poses when doing awesome moves!


Ah, so naive…


how Samad isn’t getting with the program?

How Asian Pros always seem to wear black at worlds?

Pros have weird yet cool hairdos?

(WhyLovedEda?) #13

same here,…

because when it blew in the air,
the hair will get scattered,

so tiring to comb again!



There may be nothing fair about ninjas, but I think it isn’t fair that a ninja has to go to your school. And obviously, Kim-Lan is a ninja and so is Emily. Even Emily’s cat is a ninja. And they don’t go to your school.


Luckily, my school is not the only ninja academy. We now have one located in Slovakia, but it is threatened by Zombie Ninjas. It will be taken care of though :wink:



That’s a relief.