empty feeling...


hey guys, today i got my new 888x, and i just feel empty. i dont know why, i just feel empty =/. does anybody know why i feel empty, and can anyone relate to me?


what do you mean empty?


i dunno, i just feel like i have nothing to do and i have a deadline (school)


Depression. I feel it all the time, bro.


Yeah, its Depression I have it alot because I get paranoid very easy :-\ But, just go do something to take your mind off things like play baseball or Xbox,


great im depressed?


i dont even have anything to take my mind off “it”


There is 1 good thing that comes from Depression Girls like to Comfort you when you are feelin down! ;D

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I yoyo because of my anxiety, i have been sick for 6 months because of my asthma and anxiety, my parents got a divorce, i got pulled out of school, i moved somewhere with no kids so i have no friends, so yoyoing is partly therapy to me


i dont even have a girlfriend… prolly never will… egh, yoyoing makes me a geek at my school

its ok bro, its ok, were both in this together…

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Yeah, im sad, i dont want school to start, to much homework :frowning:


im prolly gonna cry myself to sleep the night b4 school starts


even worse, Im going to the most 31337 school in MA, which means 4x the homework

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i havent been to school since february, but i have to go to sylvan, my first year in middle school i start with a fractured hand (my dominant hand) then i got sick and missed all year, it gives me no time to practice during school :frowning:


Guys, just think of when school starts you get to hang with friends and meet new people :smiley: And Stare at Pretty Girls :o And Depression Sucks I know, But here is a Squirrel eating a Peanut Butter SandWich to Cheer you guys up!!!


I remember when I got depressed…I sat at my desk and cried for an hour because I know we are all going to die and that my life sucks…then I looked out the window and felt better…werrd…


ugh i dont have any friends at school >.>… staring at pretty girls kills me because i know i cant get them


land soiled panties infront of a person, that will get you friends  :stuck_out_tongue:


i dont even know the steps to soiled panties >.<


you have a month to learn!


You can get any girl you want its not impossible, Just carry yourself like your the most awesomeness person ever. Thje girls will love you and the other guys will want to hang with you! And Cheer up, i was depreesed earlier and now I’m feeling great.