Edition News: Aspen B-grade. The only b-grade

Yesterday was an exciting day. Aspens have made it stateside and into our hands.
QC has started.

For pre-order folks: Adrian received his batch of photos to sign for you all, but has a family trip prior to getting around to that. We are also actively printing your cases as well.

If you’re someone who NEEDS the Aspen ASAP and you cannot wait the additional time/don’t care about additional goodies (case + signed photo), please reach out with your order number and I will get these out ASAP. We will make the case publicly available at a later date for those who have a 3D printer at home.

For everyone else. Pre-orders are closed at this point. The production listing will go live after pre-orders have shipped and a final stock count is available.

Final weight was 67g.



A late night announcement:

We have a single B-grade Aspen. Its pink :slightly_smiling_face: and the wonderful Mag did the artwork for it.

Check the site and you will find the project page (making sure we follow the rules in here)

The link will go live at a random time and it will be left to a first come first serve basis. Admittedly this is not the best way to handle this but good luck!


What is/are the reason(s) it is a ‘b’ grade?

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From the site: “b-graded due to nail vibe which was below the A-grade standard.”

Looks like it’s sold, which is good, because I absolutely don’t need to spend that on throws right now.

Just some nail vibe which was outside of our spec.

B-grade categorization can range from vibe, anodizing flaws (yet to encounter this), engraving flaws.

The initial QC quickly determines “A-grade”, “B-grade” and “A minus grade” conditions. “A minus grade” yo-yo’s are typically related to basic tuning issues: Dirty bearing, bearing seat needed to be wiped down post machining, or just how it aligned up when screwed together. B-grades get half swapped and re-tuned assuming we have others to match them with. If we don’t then b-grades get listed on the site for a reduced price.

One of the main perks with working with FPM is their already tight QC from factory. Gives us as the brand peace of mind but also means we have way less b-grades to put out.