Editing Software?

(Marc) #1

What kind of editing software do you guys use to make videos and pictures?


Used to use Windows Movie Maker

Now using Sony Vegas Pro


iDVD or iMOVIE HD 8)

Question: Does anyone know how to make something that is in front of the picture but can change all the time? (Such as and ESPN scoreboard while watching a game.)


haha did you buy the full version for $600? or are you using the trial? Honestly, i’m pretty sure that 3/4 of the people on youtube using SV are using a pirated version lol! Not saying you are Samad.

I use it too.


Lol i use pirated SV and for photos i use simple adobe photo shop


Pirated :wink:

What? - talked me into it!


I use Windows Movie maker.
currently trying to figure out how to capture video onto Pinnacle Studio 8.


Ahh thats okay. I used a pirated version for all my visual basic vids haha, but my comp screwed up so i had to revamp it, and i lost sv :frowning:

(J. Lev) #9

WMM! :slight_smile: