Easy Riddle

(Zer0) #1

The king and queen are playing texas holdem’ and the queen leaves for the bathroom. The king and the others who are playing take her cards and give her the rejected cards. So far king has best hand. Who wins and why?


Dont know


The ace? Because the King’s cards are, well, kings, the queen’s are queens, etc… and one of the other players is Ace who has all 4 aces, the 2nd highest hand in poker, only behind the royal flush (if I’m not mistaken).

(Zer0) #4

incorrect but nice thinking

(JonasK) #5

I believe that the Straight Flush is a stronger hand than 4 of a kind. When does the Queen leave for the bathroom. Before the flop? after the flop?

I’ll say that the queen won because she ended up with a royal flush after the river.

(Zer0) #6

it was a quick easy joke with no detail. anyways correct feel fee to lock or delete or post more


the queen because she went to the bathroom it is a royal flush.

because she went to the bathroom