(JonasK) #1

So easter is coming up. And every living human has its traditions for this time of the year. In Norway we have three common traditions which appeal to different kinds of people.

  1. Stay in the mountains, ski and have fun. This one is mostly for families and outdoorsy people.
  2. Get a ticket to a place with sun and beaches. Mostly middle-aged woman choose this option
  3. Roadtrip to Sweden, get drunk there and get caught for smuggling booze on the way back. Unmarried men often choose to do this.

So what are your traditions for easter?


figure out that the easter bunny isnt real :slight_smile:


Oh, but he is real!



next time i see a bunny/rabbit in the way of my barrel from my pelet gun…i wont be afraid to hit it after seeing that video.


I um… oh-- I always Poop, I Find the presesnt’s under the tree,Go on here, Yo-Yo, Poop, Exchange valentines Day cards, poop, Go on here, YoYo?

(Jeromy K.) #6

Church then go to my moms for the tradtional grandkids easter egg hunt then she makes all of the of the sons and daughters search for egg, I’m the oldest at 30 and she makes me do it. Yah good times, good times :-\


I like the way 3 sounds

This year it will be my first day off in over 2 weeks. I am looking forward to it.

(Connor) #8


Get in a fight with this guy…ill have a secret weapon though. A sunset trajectory made of metal!! lol :smiley: