(system) #1

Did you guys feel that earthquake?
I felt it down here in SoCal.


I was showering…


yes,I was in chat talking to L3adrine5 and he felt it too,he’s in LA,weird,but it wasnt very noticable
EDIT:I’m in SD,so it was widespread,get in chat,well talk about it there

(system) #4

It was 3 miles from me. o.O


YEA i was in vent with my friends and we all said at the same time OMG earth cake :smiley:

i like earth cake more its delicious


I was playing World of warcraft (Yoyos and WoW Im a catch!) and somthing big was walking by so my screen was shaking then the house started shaking and i was like…What the crap earth “cake” as josh said…