DV888 Response Help *NEW POLL*


My DV888’s response just came out, i tried to put it back in but it got stretched out. I dont want to buy another because shipping cost more than the response. If there is any way to fix it please let me know!




Has lube of any kind had contact with the response? If not, just push it in.

Silicone Response systems need a tight squeeze to fit in, that’s a part of what holds it in. Try pushing the whole response in at the same time. Run your fingers across it to fit it in. It’s normal.


If what skeletonboy333’s solution doesn’t work, buy flowable silicone. It’s only 5 bucks, go to an auto shop or home improvement store to get it. After that, follow this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMt2Gh8vJHY


If what Skeletonboy said doesn’t work you should try contacting yoyoexpert and see if you can get a lower shipping rate for just pads. :slight_smile:


if you call in, they will send it through envelope for lower cost.

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How will lube mess up the response?

I tried that many times but the sticky is all gone so it just pops back up.


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The lube soaks into the silicone and makes it get bigger (like a sponge) but it doesn’t come out so it’s forever bigger. Thus too big for the silicone recess…


Yup. Silicone just takes in the lube and expands. Just like Trace said.

Do you remember lubing your bearing near silicone? If it is expanded, replace it.


Ok i think im going to replace it. Should i go with CBC pads or flowable silicone? If i go with CBC pads what is the difference between the white pads and the yellow “pro” pads? Is it worth $0.80?


5 bucks? You can just go to a dollar store and pick some up.
And this is what I’d recommend.


Well, if you are going to silicone it your self with flowable or RTV silicone, you’re gonna need skill.
Escpeically RTV because flowable just settles down itself but for RTV, you need to shave down the silicone thickness and remove excess silicone your self.


The yellow and white CBC pads are essentially the same. Yet different colors obviously. I love CBC pads but flowable is my choice only because of its ease of use and longevity.

You will most likely mess up your first sili job, but it’s not difficult to smooth out the process. Just a pain to wear down the bad job you did or rip it out and start all over.

You should learn so you mitigate this issue in the future. Or order a bunch of pads so you don’t have to for a while. They last quite a long time.