Who here is in percussion/drumline?

Look at this:




(Marvin.D) #3

(~ZB~) #4

Percussion all the way bro!

that was pretty cool, but I think it was more visually entertaining than it was talent wise. Although it was pretty good, the arm flailing distracted me ::slight_smile:


percussion here to but plz use less arm


That’s not me. :stuck_out_tongue:


if thats not you good that other looks like hes goin fishin


did he have 2 sticks in his right hand? :o :o :o

(~ZB~) #9

It doesnt look like he does. I think it was just a speed double(official term?) .
Plus having two sticks in one hand wouldnt have much of a benefit.
It would give your hands an uneven grip, whenever they hit something there is a “snap” sound" and usually it pinches :stuck_out_tongue:



You can see in the beginning, he is holding only 2 sticks.

It’s a really fast movement, causing an illusion. :wink:

(Myre) #11

Definitely drumline proud. Drum captain, band president, all that jazz. Check out Tim Jackson:

(~ZB~) #12

Excellent ;D


i am