Dressel Designs: Kanto Restock TOMORROW 8/11!

After the successful release of the 50/50, I figured it was time to make my own yoyo company, Dressel Designs! Currently debuting our first yoyo, the Assassin! Here is the link to our instagram post! More info will be below: Login • Instagram

Introducing the Assassin; The last EDC yoyo you will ever need. Perfect to play anywhere with a blend of comfort and performance you won’t find even in your most competition focused throws. Coming soon.

Material: Stainless Steel
Bearing: D sized
Diameter: 46.5mm
Width: 41.5mm
Gap: 4.65mm
Weight: 59.5g


Looks (and is) awesome! Excited for this one!


Looks sweet!

I’m still waiting for someone to release an H-shaped 40-50-60 (w/ 4.4mm gap) design.


Thank you friends!

@zslane not the exact size but its close! A litle smaller diameter, but the rest is very close, and the shape is a super comfy H. Think youll like this one :eyes:


Is it H? It looks really organic… :thinking:

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Check your dms :wink:

Really like the look and specs. Congrats on the new company!


Wow! How do I get one?

This looks amazing, great photography. Assuming it uses regular pads and strings. What are your thoughts on the D bearing for a yoyo of this size? Wondering about the balance between spin time vs. power.

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I’ll post drop details whenever I get them (looking at late april/early may atm, although that is subject to change)

Regular strings can be used for sure! Pads are 18mm d bearing pads. There will be an extra set of pads included with each yoyo.

This is a performance beast! Feels like a comfortable balance of power and zip, but has a lot of stability from the open gap. Its also the best binding yoyo I’ve ever played because of the d bearing and 18mm pads.


Thanks, I was wondering about the binds since I seem to get tighter binds with gap widths around 4.5mm. That’s for a C bearing though, so this is really interesting. Awesome design!


Its the best binding yoyo I’ve ever played, hands down! Its got goldilocks levels of tightness on the binds and can also go at low RPMs because of the d bearing


Looks like my kinda thing, though I do wish the width was smaller. I like my diameter to be about 1.3 times the width of the yoyo. How much would it go for?

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Working price atm is 75$ shipped. This can change when we get the run though (late april/early may)


What alloy will you be using?

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303 my friend

Are the response pads the same size as anomaly yoyos d bearing sized pads?

Also, how does it feel on the string?

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I believe so, although I’m not 100% certain what pad they use. These are 18mm.

Its got a familiar zip to the 5050 but has a lot more performance and stability because of the gap

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Oh that’s nice, anomaly yoyos ones are 18mm x 13mm x 1.1mm which is also the same size as yoyo empire’s cloud fly pads (it’s d bearing) and also the same size as yoyozeekio’s d bearing pads on the little evil 2. Sturmpanzer’s d bearing pads are the same specs except being only 0.5mm thick.

Wow zippy, that’s kinda what I want. I haven’t played the 5050 though so I’m not sure how zippy it is. Maybe a comparison to the hummingbird if you own one?

Does it feel light on the string too?

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Ah yes, it is the same as anomaly.

I do not own a hummingbird, sorry. If you’ve tried a euphonious, it plays lighter and faster than that. I think the lighter weight suits this EDC type of design where most of the stability is coming from the gap design (more pics tomorrow!)


Count me in!

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