Dressel Designs: Introducing the Assassin!

Thank you for the praise man! It means a lot!


Oh man. I’m definitely going to be there on time. It’s midnight for me here in Singapore. Hopefully, those 25 or so A grades don’t immediately sell out.

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assassin drop 2 is LIVE NOW!


Got 2! 3 A grades left after 6 minutes. Absolutely insane.

Edit: 8 mins after the drop, all A grades are sold out.


yep, A grades are gone. Still plenty of B grades though. these have string vibe but would be perfect if you want something durable to carry with you forever.


23 of them to be exact at the time of writing this.

Sorry I missed it! They look great!

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Thanks!! There are still b grades available if you are interested.

8 left now. If you’re interested make sure to jump on it. This will be it for a while, possibly forever.

Thank you all for the turnout today, it makes me very happy to see all the support from everybody!


Want to give everyone a heads up I have 5 b grade assassins left and that’s it for a long time (possibly forever) if you want one, act now!! All orders placed by Thursday afternoon will go out on thursday


We are SOLD OUT! Thank you everyone!!! All orders will be going out tomorrow​:pray::partying_face:



And now for the experimenting!



Can’t wait for mine, literally copped the last b-grade. I had wanted to get a hold of an a-grade but they released at the time I was actually just hopping on the freeway to work…sold out once I parked :frowning:

But I look forward to still checking this out having missed the last run. I like small yoyos a lot…so, this should be a fun addition to my tackle box full of small yoyos :smiley:


Hi everyone! We’ve been a little quiet lately, but have been busy with real life stuff (I accepted a full time job in my field this week!) And a LOT of exciting projects and restocks in the works for Dressel Designs!

To celebrate, we are going to run a giveaway for one of our D bearing 5050 prototypes! Find out how to enter and win on the instagram post below


We’ve been quiet but busy behind the scenes. Here’s some stuff to look forward to from us:

  • A new run of assassins and 5050s(with D bearings!:eyes:) Will be going to our favorite retail store in the Fall :thinking:

  • new prototypes will be here around the same time, including a collaboration yoyo (any guesses?!?)

  • A giveaway for a raw D bearing 5050 started on Friday. Enter if you haven’t yet and want to win! It is our 2nd most recent post on instagram if you want to check it out(Ends Wednesday!!)

Thank you for all the love and support, as always!


Eff me I missed this whole saga. Will keep an eye out for the ‘restock’.


Thanks man, they’re stuck in customs atm. Personally very frustrated about it but they should come in any day once they get cleared. It’s been like 3 weeks tho :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


That is a bummer that I am happy about. If you’d gotten them three weeks ago I wouldn’t have had a chance to cop!

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