Draw a yoyo picture.





(Jeromy K.) #3

What are the rules only paint shop or can i do one by hand?


used PowerPoint2007 for it


There are no rules. Interpret draw however you want. I would love to see a picture drawn by hand.


Good one, Jawad.


thnx phiz ,i will try making next 1with hands.

(JonasK) #8

I must say Phiz, you are a lot better at using paint than me.


We all have our own style.



Now that I figured out how to load an image (with Kim-Lan’s help), I’m going crazy with it.



I love your picture, Jawad. It made me laugh with delight.


thank u :slight_smile:


my thought :smiley:


This is ME D: lol


Another funny one, Jawad, and great picture, Josh.


My Picture is down there


(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #18

What program do you use? I would like to try.




I use Appleworks Paint on my mac.


theme of it is
art or a toy…
a yoyo have two halves , mirror image of each other, yo is representing here the half, which is required to make a yoyo,complete.
the top is showing tricks, that they look simple for yoyoer, but amazes the viewer,confuses him/her that which string went where,top or bottom