Download Learn Section?


Hey guys =)

I wonder if it’s possible to download the Learning vids and transfer them on my Creative ZEN so I can watch them at my way to school?

Would that be legal? It would be for personal use only!

Thanks in advance,

Robert =)


You have a Creative Zen too? Which one? I have a Vision: M 30gb.

Anyways, correct me if I’m wrong but it wouldn’t be illegal because André made them and if he wanted to allow downloads he could.


Not sure. Anything is possible.


I have a Zen X-Fi 16GB =)

The problem is I haven’t found a way to download them on this site… So I think the videos aren’t meant to be downloaded…


He hasn’t put that option into his site at all. If he sees this or if he gets a pm about making them available for download he might be able to do something. (even though he probably has gotten that question before)


Try going to and looking for them there.


They also don’t provide a way to download them… I’ve already searched there


You know, you can download things with Mozilla firefox.

Download that, then use firefox and go to the video you want.

Then convert it.

Uploading how soon.

Done recording, Rendering. Gonna upload to vimeo soon.

Lol you just have to wait. You can try it out first though.


Thx =) Works perfect! I just hope it’s not illegal xD


I don’t think so lols, Lets see what Andre thinks about it. Andre?

Haha, i guess you figured out how to use the two thingies there without any help, good job ;D Sorry the video didn’t come out yet.


Actually i just needed the DL Helper ^^


Oh okay, i thought you would need to convert it, because i thought that the video type would not be compatible with your ZEN thingy


No, I meant I use another converter.

Super 2009 is the name of that thing.


Oooh okay ;D