Don't you Love (Forum Game)


There is another Forum like this that is like “Don’t you Hate” And Its a Very Poplular Post. But, Why all the Hate? We should make a Post that People say stuff that they Enjoy about Life.

Don’t you Love The Smell of Halloween?

Don’t you Love it when your by the Campfire roasting Marshmellows and Having a Good time with Family and Friends?

Yes! I LOVE it!
Don’t you love it when you get a Yoyo in the Mail that you’ve been DYING To Try?

Yeah! Of Course!

So, You guys get the Point.
Ill Start:

Don’t you Love the Feeling of Opening a YYF or CLYW Yoyo in the Nice little Box?


YYF Boxes are great, but they confuse me. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah I like opening any yoyo box.

Don’t you love math? (Heh, I wonder what the response will be.)


Dont you love Genral yo and clyw

BTW there is already a dont you love forum game


Not really.

Dont you love getting free yoyos



Don’t you love monkeys?