Don't you love?(forum game)

(yoyo jake) #1

this is kinda like dont you hate but oppisite

Dont you love yyf?


Like yes, Love? no.
Don’t you love it when you finally land the trick you have been working on for a while?

(Thomas) #3


don’t you love general yo


I guess. I have never tried their yoyos yet.
Don’t you love it when you finally get your yoyo in the mail?

(yoyo jake) #5


dont you love yye


Don’t you love YYJ?

(yoyo jake) #7


dont you love “dont you hate”


Don’t you love this game?

Thanks for making this yoyojake!


I don’t love it.
Don’t you love Tyler Severance?


No, not really.
Don’t you love smileys? :wink:


dont you love yoyos with smiley faces?

(Ariq) #12

Is there such thing?

Don’t you love A Skyline?



Don’t you love how x52 loves Tyler?

(DOGS) #14

No, fanboy alert.

Don’t you just love super overrated players?


Depends on who
Don’t you love the Severe?

(DOGS) #16

no. waaaaay too big for me

(yoyo jake) #17

dont you love the mini star (i doubt you’ll say no)


I haven’t tried one yet, so I don’t know
Don’t you love yoyoing?



Dont you love 1a?


no i am just on a yoyo fourm because i hate yoyoing! :stuck_out_tongue: but yes
dont you love the show “Avatar the Last Airbender”?