dont you hate when


dont you hate when people ask. what is the hardest yoyo trick or what is the best yoyo.let me just put this out here that there is no hardest yoyo trick, for someone ladder escape is like rocket science and to others its like pouring in food to a tank of fish.and there is no best yoyo. it depends on your preferance and your personal sorry if im soudning mean but it really bothers me

thanks for reading and happy throwing.



You forgot to type /rant at the end. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know what you mean. There’s always that one person in chat asking, “What’s the best *Insert topic here.”


I really also hate it when somebody asks me what is your best trick. I’m like I don’t have a best trick! Yoyoers do combos! It really bugs me. :stuck_out_tongue: