Don't touch my yo yo!


Unless you want to get the cold or flu. Yuck!

(Jesse) #2

What exactly is the point of this topic?

If you’re gonna post a topic, either ask a question or state something that people might find remotely interesting or important. Don’t post random stuff like this that won’t benefit anybody.


(JayVee) #3

I have to agree that this is rather random, but hey, it’s in the unrelated board. Not everything here has to be of substantial value.

And besides, he’s sick. Give him a break.

(Jesse) #4

Yeah, but it’s not contributing to this forum at all…and it’s not fun, interesting, or important to people…

It’s just cluttering up the boards.

(Alceste) #5

fourms should be welcoming places, not efficent compendiums fo knowledge. If he wanted to contribute to the fourm with this, even if you don’t think it’s usefull, that’s his opinion and you should respect it.

EDIT: By the way, I actually agree with above posts, this is useless. I just think people should lay off any sign of useless information.

(Jesse) #6

I see what you’re saying, but if we don’t let them know, they might just keep doing it…I’m gonna lay off this topic though…


Hope you feel better dude!


I think he was just indirectly telling us he was sick.

Get well soon!

(Alceste) #9

Fair enough.

(JayVee) #10

Forgot to mention:

Get well soon!