Does anyone still do Moebius?


I was pondering this myself as I was watching one of the few rare videos of Moebius style. Does anyone here still do Moebius or have even attempted it?

Also, if you have attempted it, how come you didn’t stick with it?

(M.DeV1) #2

check out Zammy Ickler!


I was about to say, rare is kind of not the right word…Zammy has been bringing it back…I am currently Learning Moebius, and thanks to my Smooth Move, it’s going along fairly well.


I do!


Oh, I totally Agree, iron…I love experimenting with Moebius, as well…It’s so much fun to work with.

(Zammy Ickler ) #7

Well, first of all I want to say thanks for making this. Its kind of ironic how we posted on the same day about Yoyoexpert now having the tutorials in their learn section. Its a really big step for the style as a whole.

The style is entirely still in the dark and people are afraid to try it out. The most common thing I hear is “its weird and I can’t get used to it.”. How else does one get good at something but to keep working hard at it? Another issue is that its because of me that people do not try it because I am considered annoying.

More stuff will come out. Not sure how much, but I intend to keep continueing this.

Good to hear there is at last more then one person trying this.


Well, I think if you stick with it you could be a great innovator for the style as a whole and just remember people said the same thing about spirit bomb, about it being too hard and modern 1a tricks would never catch on.

Also to all the people that said your voice is “annoying”… that is down right stupid. When I look for yoyo tutorials, I’m NOT looking for the man with the golden voice, I’m looking for an insightful place that can properly equip me with the knowledge to learn whatever it is I’m after, I feel your tutorials are more than qualified for that, I don’t think they would be supported by this sight otherwise.

Either way man keep fightin’ the good fight, FOR MOEBIUS!!! (that is kind of fun to say hehe)