Does anyone know any good places that sell yoyos in az


Im taking a trip to chandler and i need a few places to go to pick up some yoyos i know yoyo factory is based there but i don’t think they have a store and i heard game daze is a good place to go are there any more places i could go?


I live in Arizona. Game Daze is the only place I know of.


What’s game daze?


Well there’s Game Daze which is a boardgame store that has a limited selection of yyf, yyj, and Duncan stuff but there is also the Allyoyo club, We have a much larger selection and better prices than Game Daze plus you can stay to hang out with a bunch of other yoyoers ;D. Though we meet only twice a week, Mondays and Saturdays. Mondays are from 5pm to 7pm at-
Samurai Comics
1051 E. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85014 US
And Saturdays are from 1pm to 3pm at-
Gotham City Comics
46 West Main Street
Mesa, AZ 85201

If you need any more info feel free to pm me at anytime :wink:


I might go but i am most likely going to tyler severances class at hamilton library in chandler


Sweet! I am moving to Mesa in like 2 days! I will try to convince my mom to take me there.


Awesome try to go to the tyler severance thing and i can meet you im supposed to move to chandler no one wants to buy our house in ny


You totally should, Its always an awesome time. Also we are having a contest, If you can make it to 3 meetings, you will be put in a drawing for a YYF Ricochet! Can’t wait to see you there.

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