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Well i do play dodgeball. I’m in a dodgeball team. I have it every Friday.

Are any of you on a team, or just play it?



I play a harder, funner version of Dogeball called (at least when my dad played it) Canaidian Dogeball! :smiley:
super fun and super hard! :slight_smile:


The best version is Prison Pinguard. It’s played like regular dodgeball, but you can also win the game by knocking down all 5 bowling pins that are set of on your opponents side. It adds a few extra elements of strategy and is really awesome. We used to play everyday, but our state banned dodgeball.


We played Consequences Dodgeball in P.E last week. Its fun. If you get hit by the ball, you have to go on the sidelines, do two sets of 12 push-ups, then go back in. It isnt hard at first, but after getting hit dozens of time, its tiring.

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Lol if we get out, we have to sit out will the game is over. But this is real dodgeball. Not in school. I just got back from it. I was the last person in and i cought literly 4 balls and then i whipped it and hit one more then i whhiped it again and got out :frowning:

But in school we play it and it’s called Pirate’s Prison 2. It’s normal dodgeball but when you get our you go to the other side in the “prison” and your team mate has to throw the ball too you, or hit the basketball hoop then everyone in the prison is back in. We always win!



Yeah, normally, we do a dodgeball where if you get hit, you go to the other side on behind the opposing teams, and if you get a ball you can throw it at the opposing team because you are right behind them. Its really cool.

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Yeah we play that one too. We call it Pirate’s Prison 1 tho. Lol.


Ah… I remember dodgeball from the time that i was a lad… Okay nvm im just 12. and no, i don’t play dodgeball. Watch this funny video about dodgeball.

Subscribe to david spates! He rocks!

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Lol hes on the toilet and says “dodgeball?”  HAHA!  That was hilarious!

~Steven :smiley:


every friday in P.E we play battleball but it’s really continueation with sides and I’m likeone of the only good sixth grader :frowning:


I play with my friends… I kinda suck but I dont care~


that is part of the way you play Canadian Dogeball. By any chance when you start playing it one person from the other team starts out on your side until someone on thier side gets out?


I like a kind called battle-ball.


when i was in middle school, 15 years ago, we played battle ball. we also played a game called “Your Momma Hates Ya”. it is battle ball with no boundries. every man for himself. you could go anywhere on the court you wanted. you could get as close to a person as you wanted to hit them. boys played boys and girls played girls but the game got banned after a couple of months b/c to many people got hurt.

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I bet alot of people got hurt “i’m going to get your Johnny!” -Johnny turns around- BAM! -get’s hit in the face with a broken nose. I could imagine.