Do You Wan't To Know How To Fly/Float?

(system) #1


If you want to know how- PM me.

If You found it out that why my classmate is flying?
Your are smart! - Just put a reply here in the thread

(Mitch) #2

a see-saw?


Agreed,first thing that came to my mind.

(Mitch) #4

The other seesaw in the back round and him stepping off of somthing in the end kinda gave it away

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(Mitch) #6

Yeah I know, Ima genius… So do I get a free prize? Like a Duncan FreeHand MG? or an I-yo

(system) #7

kitty strings.


send me the money, i’ll buy for you here because it is SO cheap here. :slight_smile: (100 strings = 8 dollars)

(Mitch) #8

Kitty strings? No thanks… The postage would suck and I already fell in love with perfect fit…