Do you need help on how to upload pics on your review? well here you go


Ive been reading a lot of reviews lately and people say they dont know hoe to upload pics well here it goes.
I find the best way is to use

Step 1- get pics from cam onto computer
Step 2- have your account ready or make a account on
Step 3 on your photobucket click on upload images
Step 4- browse for them in your folders
Step 5 choose which photo of your yoyo you would like to upload first you can highlight many at once so it uploads faster
Step 6- All images should now be uploaded
Step 7- to get the pic on your post you are going to need to copy the “IMG code” there are two ways to get this, you can either just hold your mouse over the pic you want and a list should pop up down below and copy and paste the IMG code. Another way is to just click on the photo you want and on the left side of the image it should say share this photo, once again go to where it says IMG code and copy and paste that to your post
Step 8- thats it just paste that code onto your post and it the photo/s should be there in the end when your all done and press preview or post


good post! not right section maybe ( uploading pics are not just to put in reviews) ;D screen shots will be nice and easy to understand