Do you call it a birdy or waterfall?


When you ask some for a drink out of their sodacan/bottle, do you ask for a birdy or waterfall? I say birdy, its shorter and sounds better (well atleast to me).

(Jesse) #2

I ask for a drink out of their sodacan. I have never heard either of those terms.


Water fall.


I thought only me and the whole entire area that I live in says that. xD



Well, I don’t ask for birdies, but I call them birdies. That’s the only thing I’ve heard of around here…? Never heard waterfall.


Yeah, in some areas, people never heard of birdies, and vice versa


Heard of Waterfall, never Birdies…


I’ve never seen anyone use the term birdie, and didn’t know until this thread really. :stuck_out_tongue:



(JM) #12

I say: “Listen bub, I’m having a drink of your soda.”


Rollin’ on the floor