Do any of you guys like Avatar; The last Airbender(TV series)


I ttotally love it! It has so much Adventure in it. Also, It has A great storyline. Do you guys think there will be a season 4??? Please leave a reply!!!


DOUBLE POSTAGE ALERT! :smiley: i loved that show too. I actually hope there is no new avatar unless its a new and original conflict. I don’t want them to ruin my impression of them such a starwars ben ten and sponge bob. The conflict was resolved in avatar and so it would be cool if the trouble was like from some banished element. Lava?

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or a spin off series in like, 2 generations of avatars.

but yes, it was really good, very good plot, funny jokes. the movie just was pathetic





I wish there would be a fourth season, but they’re making a new series…

I hate that they’re going to put in new characters to replace the old ones.


yeah!!! me too!!! i love avatar and i don’t think they should ruin it with “legend of korra”


I loved that show!!! I have all 3 seasons que’d up in my instant Netflix. Oh and if you like the show, DON’T see the movie. M. Night needs to give up and stop destroying movies that have the potential to be great.


Love it, also, I have managed to avoid seeing any more of the movie than the previews.


Ok dude I just saw the storyline and the main characters. seems like theres this girl named Korra mastered earth, water and fire but still doen’t know air. Although, Tenzin (Aang and Katara’s son) Teaches her airbending. They have already scheduled twelve episodes coming in 2011!!!


YES thank you

it is said there will be “flashbacks” on the older avatar charecters to explain things that where not
but dont quote me on it

and i cant wait for the new show i loved the old one
what is your guys’ favorite main element
for me it is air… or earth, maybe water
but fire is awesome to… :stuck_out_tongue:
but really air

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But remeber on the last episode "where’s my mother.zuko said it.



I meant main characters… And if someone saw my DVR they would know how much I like the show.


I like the show. Its pretty good. I agree with XminusmikeX though, they need to stop ruining movies. The movie was just…bleh. I like the idea for the new series. As for favorite element: Earth pwns. Favorite Character: Iroh :slight_smile:


iroh is so cool and chillaxed. My fav is Zuko because he’s just cool.(for a fire guy) i really like when he’s asking the good guys to join them because when hes practicing and is all like “hi its zuko! i know ive been trying to kill you but im good now!” I don’t like the hating they give him though. >:(


my favorite element: earth fav character: iroh.