Discord Server for NEET's, Skilltoys, Nerd General, ect...


The folowing is for a discord server for NEET’s/non-NEET’s Hikikomori/ non-Hikikomori’s and everyone else who is looking for a safe little network of friends to talk to/with. Mostly geared toward a NEET/Skilltoy community but we will have otherboards like /a/ /b/ /fa/ /fur/ /mlp/ /mu/ /skill/ /v/ and a /neet/ Which only NEET’s/Hikikomori’s will have access to for comfort reasons. So if you want a place to chat about NEETLYFE or just looking for some people to talk about kendama/yoyo or what to know more about skilltoys then you’re more then welcome to join~!
NO STUPID RULES!, just friends & fun~!!



Why is this person not banned for MLP

(fixed - jhb8426)


Why are you not banned for being a hater?