Dinged yoyos(poll)

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add on to the original topic.


You didn’t have to make another thread. You could’ve just added it on the other one.

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haha… ::slight_smile:

YoYo’s are ment to be dinged (not purposly). When you play with your yoyo, and it gets scratched or dinged, it shows you play with it and not let it sit and collect dust.

~Mr. Gorrilla Yo


If you want that thing to happen, you must be Mr. Gorilla. ;), Simple as that.


What does that even mean? I want someone to not spam, and I’m another forum member?


PLay on the bed mostly, so my yo-yo rare;y get a ding : )


Haha, Not everything you want will be granted, and not every people will follow you, Much more new people here in the forum and you say like so, They will be disappointed. ??? So… A Question and a Answer. :o


We’re trying to prevent spam. Not make people grant stuff for us (lol).


im doing 5a mainly now so im not gonna have many mint yoyos for long

(Yo!It'sMatt) #10

I throw my yoyos at the floor.
gotta have dings.

(JonasK) #11

Do I have to go at this again?

I still think that saying mint yoyos aren’t played well is the most out of whack thing that’s able to come out of someones mouth.

I don’t like to ding my yoyos. It’s not fun, they don’t give that much character and it does not improve play in any single way. It’s like piercings, shiny things in places you don’t want them to be (I don’t like piercings by the way, no offense to people who really like piercings).

If I get an opportunity to yoyo over carpet, I do so, and I still play the yoyo instead of letting it collect dust. I actually happen to have a dinged yoyo collecting dust as I’m typing. So it doesn’t prove anything.

I already asked if I had to go at this again, and I still have like 4 paragraphs left so I’ll stop here and see if people think this is important or not.