Diabolo Recommendation?


Does anyone have a good recommendation for a intermediate diabolo player? I currently have the Anti Gravity Diabolo. I can get it to spin, pop it up/catch, and do some basic suns. I am looking at like something in the $20-$30 range. Thanks. :slight_smile:

(Troy(oyo) #2

You are going to have to increase your price, for only 10 more, you can get a Mr. Babache Finesse, or a Henry’s Circus. I would recommend either of these, they can handle anything at all that you can throw at them. I personally use a finesse and learned everything i know before switching to a bearing axle. Fixed axle play will greatly increase skill.


I’ll have to look at those. :slight_smile: Have you ever tried the Cosmic diabolo? Is it any good?

(Troy(oyo) #4

No i have not. Sorry. But i can help you with any other diabolo questions.