DarthVaughn, what's up?


I am trading my TFL with DarthVaughn. He sadi that he would send out the money in a few days (which means 2 or 3) on August 13th. It is now August 21st, and the money hasn’t arrived. I pmed him a few times, and no reply. I can understand if he’s been busy but seriously, what’s up? It’s a loss for both of us because he’s not getting the yoyo, and I’m not getting the trade… :frowning:


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Don’t know, maybe he hasn’t gotten around to it or something. Mail Money isn’t the safest option…


This is true. And yeah it isn’t but I don’t have paypal.

I’ll move it but this is definitely yoyo related. W/e.


Just wait another few days, keep PMing him, ask him in the chat ect.

Did you already send the TFL? If not then there is no reason to make a topic…



And no I didn’t send it it’s just that shippind doesn’t usually take this long, and he should at least notifiy me if he didn’t send it.


Sorry dude, i didnt read your pm that you sent a few days ago. I just sent you the pm and everything explaining myself. Hope to have the TFL hanging from my finger in a week or two.