Custom Music to throw to


Here’s a piece of Trance Music I made from loops in Sony ACID

I’m going to be coming up with more, let me know what you think. Heck I might even make an album to distribute of different upbeat music I create. The upbeat music really keeps the crowd interested I’m sure. lol

EDIT: Another Electronic track

BTW these songs are available for download for free at, If you click the Artist name Acid Pool, that’s me, and it will take you directly to my profile.


Is anyone going to reply with some kind of comment?


It’s a good start.
I haven’t really had anything nice to say about pre recorded loops since Revolting Cocks and Pigface were cutting up 1/4" tape with razorblades 30 years ago.
Buy Reason 5 if you’re serious about making techno that people will like and still afford to eat.
If you like what you make, it really doesnt matter eitherway what they think. thats the benefit of being an artist.
I belong to a site called you might want to check out. lots of free loops and samples to to real songs to screw around with.