cure for stress!


Think of it this way. Stress is a mosquito. Slap the stress. Kill the mosquito. No more stress!


Lol, I loop when i’m stressed… I have good looping aim so I hit things… like bottles and pop cans. OWW shake up a Soda then loop it… It explodes…



I’m never stressed…a lot of people say yoyoing helps relieve stress, and I don’t like the idea. The reason why is that I yoyo for fun, so I dont want to yoyo when I’m feeling bad - Its kind of a downer.


I just yoyo whatever mood I’m in, But I yoyo according to the mood I’m in.

If i am happy and want to run I play 4A.

If I am Bored I play 5A

If I want to yoyo I play 1A

If I am mad I play 2A

I never play 3A :wink:

(J. Lev) #5

If you’re stressed, just plunge through what you gotta do, nap, drink apple juice, listen to country. In that order.

(JonasK) #6

Super-Shok Flakx ;D


God these forum topics are the perfect place for my sense of humor, to bad I would probubly get kicked out for it :(. Ah well, when Im stressed I sometimes just turn on my ipod and rock out to some metal \m/(o.o)\m/ or grab my paintball gun and chase around little kids and small animals ;D ;D


When I’m stressed then I yo-yo or throw playing cards in my house. I remember once that a card slipped through this really tight space that was 6 feet of the ground and stuck there.