So anybody got it,

what is your favorite shot etc, anything you make up,

just a general discusion

(Chase Baxter) #2

i have it! id say the head shot


I’ve seen the videos, but I’m waiting till they get less gangster cups. Is it as fun as they make it look, or is it mostly just frustrating?


I have had it for about a day, and yeh it does get frustrating but god does it make you feel good when you sink something awesome, like I was trying to do something today and I got annoyed so I just through the ball at the wall and it just went in, unintendidly but oh my god it was amazing, the wall and cup were about 2 metres away, so yeh recommended that you buy it!

(Chase Baxter) #5

before i hadit i was doing trick shots with a plastic cup, harder ones that went in too!

(Yo!It'sMatt) #6

I love bee-
Oh wait.
Its a cup with a ball.
Couldn’t you get that yourself for like 2 bucks?


i got it as a birthday present from my sister because I had already got a laptop and a G5 so it was just kinda a novelty present


guys just get a big cup and a ping pong ball, dont waist your money on it.

(Chase Baxter) #9

thats what i did, my grandma bought it for me

(M²) #10

Exactly! You could find a plastic cup and a pingpong ball around your house and have the same thing. You can sell anything if you give it a wierd name and flashy lights.

(Q) #11

-cough-floating towers-cough-

(M²) #12

exactly! Except i was able to do it without the flashy lights.


You guys act like this is something new.
I was doing this crap in college with a quarter and beer in the glasses. ::slight_smile:

(Chase Baxter) #14

ahaha, i forgot they used to use quarters instead of ping pong balls. I remember when i was 7 at a hotel i was doing it with a quarter in a glass with water and broke it, lol, sorry hotel :smiley:

(Q) #15

You should get the ShamWow guy to plug your towers.