could have been the worst day of my life, :/


alright, so i was hangin with a friend and we were walkin around. so we sat and talked and stuff at a whole lot of places and when we were done i relized my wallet was missing :/. to keep it clean i said alot of words. I went back to look for it but it was gone. I had about 30$ my license and other stuff. . . well does anyone know how hard/long it will take for me to get a new liscense? also the cost. thank you :-\


it depends where you live in nh its 40


Don’t worry, the worst day of your life is yet to come, so don’t be down.

Here, Click on your state here:

This reminds me of a time I lost my wallet, and I had 120+ dollars in it (stupid of me, yes), and it turns out, my friend who had been witnessing my worried searching this entire half an hour or so, had my wallet the entire time, and had not told me.

NOT cool.


worth while thread, but i REAAAAALY think this should go in the unrelated discussion.


No idea what you’re on, but yes, it is.