Corrupt a Wish Season 2


I wish people would start playing.

Here’s the old board.,11680.0.html


I don’t think we need another season going, plus you didn’t make that topic so its not your choice.


It’s really actually about time for a new board, thanks for the help in cleaning this up though Gizzyo.

Just kill the X and replace it with a 2, and mention that that’s the link to the rules.

Wish Granted, but there’s only 2 posts.

I wish for more smileys. :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D >:( :frowning: :o 8) ??? ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :-[ :-X :-\ :-* :’(

(Kei) #4

Wish granted but you cant use them for posts

I wish I had 110 so I can play with my Hatrick!


wish granted, but it was a very well made mental image in your head.

I wish I have a Hatrick


Wish granted. You scored a hatrick in a soccer game.

I wish for… A cold fusion!


wish granted but you leave it out in the sun and it becomes a warm fusion

i wish i wasnt bored


wish granted but then you had to do homework and got bored again

i wish that nobody would ever corrupt my wish. NOT EVEN CHUCK NORRIS


Wish Granted, but is there really anything to corrupt?

I wish I was superman


Wish granted but you forgot your super when you went on vacation. So your just man.

I wish this wish was corrupt.


yes it is, therefore I won’t corrupt it

I wish My dv888 won’t disintegrate like last time


Wish granted. it wont disintegrate because you keep it in a climate controlled bullet proof glass box and forbid yourself from taking it out for fear of damaging it.

I wish more of my friends yo-yo


Wish granted, but your friends who yoyo stole all of your yoyos.

I wish I would know what to do to turn out to be the best person I can.


Wish granted, but you found out that the best people don’t get the chicks and therefore have to stay single.

I wish my girlfriend would start yoyo-ing


wish granted but then you stopped and she was ADDICTEd

i wish that i could stop time


Wish granted, you stop time, and you could not start it again.

I wish my DM can spin for 3 minutes.

(screamo) #17

Wish granted but your string broke and your dm exploded ( seriously man practice your throw I got mine to sleep for 4+ minutes)
I wishI had nothing to wish


Haha my DM is kinda new and it’s my first bi-metal.
Wish granted and you become brainless and unable to wish as well.

I wish I can sleep now.


Wish granted but you never woke up.

I wish poop wasn’t gross.


Wish granted, it smells now.

I wish…snoors…to get off the computer.