Corrupt-a-Wish Season 1


The rules are pretty basic. One person makes a wish, and another corrupts it. For example, let’s say I wish for the ability to fly. Another person would then corrupt my wish with something like this. “Wish Granted, but you’re scared of heights”. Then they would then continue by making their wish.

Catching on?

One more thing, if a wish by a person is not corrupted, in a whole day, they win. Then they start a new thread, titled, “Corrupt a Wish Season X” (X being the number after the previous season). But link back to this one so people know how to play.

Your claim of winning has to be right after your previous winning post. We can compare if you’ve won or not with posting dates. And that post has to post the new thread right away. If you fail to do this, and it was still not corrupted a day, you don’t win and the game continues.

Copying other people’s wishes or corruptions PURPOSEFULLY is not allowed, and is cheating, and you HAVE to have a wish.

Moderators, no abusing your privileges (lol, joking, I know you guys wouldn’t do that :D) (HTML brackets were on purpose :P)

Try not to post replies unrelated to the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish for a pancake.

There’s been a rules update because of spammers. Please reread this. :slight_smile:


Wish Granted, but it was an edible cooking pan.

I wish the game would start now :slight_smile:

Note: This was an example to show how the game works.


Wish granted, but this board got deleted.

I wish I knew everything in the world.


Wish Granted, but you could never even hear yourself think since new knowledge kept flowing into this tiny peanut, that eventually exploded.

I wish I had a pony.


Wish granted but you have been too ignorant to realize ponies don’t exist.

I wish I could pull out this flashdrive without ejecting.

(Hardcore_Max) #6

granted you pulled out the flashdrive without ejecting but wiped all information

I wish I was 6 inches taller


Wish Granted, but you were already 633594 inches tall, and that extra 6 inches caused you to reach the point were you would suffocate in space. (633600 inches is where the earth’s atmosphere merges with space).

I wish you would realize that it’s “Wish Granted, but…” :stuck_out_tongue:

(Hardcore_Max) #8

not granting wish due to I understood the game the first time


I wish I understood what you mean >_<


Wish Granted but yo uforgot what he said

i wish my computer would load

(Shisaki) #11

Wish granted, but your computer got corrupted by a virus and ate you kidneys…twice

I wish I would win this game.


Wish granted, but then you epicly failed and lost…Three times!!!

I wish I had another 5Star


Wish granted but you hit yourself on the head.

I wish I knew what the two new yyj yoyos are.


wish granted, they are two rocks, one black one and one brown one.
I wish my package would come.


Wish Granted, but it was a green rock.

I wish for a red rock.


wish granted, but it was a bomb.
I wish my fhz would paint itself.


Wish granted but the paint came off.

I wish I had a fro.


wish granted but the rock blew up

i wish i had $1,000,000


What rock?

Wish granted but you stole the money and the cops are after you.

I wish the cops would stop chasing you.

(LookAYoYo) #20

wish granted but now the mob is after you

i wish my yoyos would never dent