contact juggling week four

(Alceste) #1

Hope you like it. :smiley:


THAT IS AWSOME!!! You have got skill in that, don’t stop doing it! :smiley:

(Alceste) #3

Thanks :slight_smile:

(LookAYoYo) #4

and cool

i wanted to start contact juggling but i don’t want to go out and buy some ball (lazy and i am saving up money) so i decided to start poi. yesterday.

so that is cool, i may learn it after i learn poi.

(Alceste) #5

Poi is fun, I just nailed a 3 beat weave for about 5 minutes :smiley: I would start with a 100mm or 4 inch stage ball (15$) for starting contact juggling, much easier on the pocket book :stuck_out_tongue:

(M²) #6

Some of the hand rolls look pretty easy, but everything was so smooth it was incrediably fun to watch. Like a mime or somehting…

(Alceste) #7

the begining is easy, but then refining is the dificult part. I’m about half way through making my butterfly (the back and forth motion with your hand) look nice. But you deffinetly should try it. lots o fun.


you’re doing good so far. I’d like to see more butterfly.
I used to contact juggle a few years ago but since there wasnt any good resources (this was before youtube) to learn from I had a hard time learning. I got the basic butterfly down and a few other moves but I’ve since lost the way. I’d like to get back into it, Ive been waiting for acrylic balls to drop in price and resources to become available. It used to cost $50-$60 for a 2.5 -3 inch ball.

(Alceste) #9

It’s 40$ now for a 4.5 inch acrylic now. hope you get back into it.

(M²) #10

… IT"S A BALL!!. A big sparkaly acrilic ball!.. oh well, i gues they say the same things about yoyos.

(Alceste) #11

Yeah lol I got mine in France for about 30 euro, so it balances out anyways, but I have a French sparkly ball ;D

(M²) #12

So why can’t you use a rubber sparkly ball Is it not slippery enough. Or just not MACHO enough?

(Alceste) #13

No there are stage balls, made of rubber and around 10 euro or 15 dollars. But when someone becomes really good, isolations (the moves where the ball stays still and looks like its floating) look a lot better with acrylic. And they are slightly better IMO. So it really is just like the differance between bi-metals and metal yoyos, no real differance but they feel differant and you can do a bit more with em.


and the fact that the trick looses a lot of pizaz if you can tell the bal is like moving or rotating.

on another note, WONDERFUL! i have been doing a little contact with wooden balls (im a little low on funding) but I havn’t had much time for it as most of my time is taken up with; school, track, eat, juggle/yoyo, sleep. And the fact that I’m really trying to hammer out a 5 ball cascade :smiley:

(Alceste) #15

:slight_smile: Keep at it, great fun.


For anyone who’s interested in starting contact juggling, but isn’t so sure about the investment, learn using a lacrosse ball. You can find one at any sports store for only around US$2, and it’s about the right size and weight. It’s slightly smaller than an acrylic you might use, but it’s a great place to start. Besides, it can’t scratch or anything, so it’s no biggie if you drop it a lot, which, at the beginning stages, you probably will.