Fairly long story, so I’ll make it quick. I think Connor scammed me.

He was Trading his MWB C13 :,57936.msg660958.html#msg660958

I offered him My Modded Black Knight and something. Later, I offered to add a Envy, Hotshot, extra strings, and extra pads and that was a deal. I have the real quotes I can get if needed to prove. I have 2 more trade counts then him but we decided same day shipping. I shipped it out on Monday with a tracking number (as we were supposed to). He said he coduldn’t because of college classes. Asked him Tuesday and he said he shipped it then (No Number). I was about 10% worried. I waited away the week, wishing I had a C13. Today, my Dad comes to my Mom’s house (Divorced parents) and drops off the yo. I sprint out to the mailbox and… A Speeder. I thought it was from GMuser because I was going to fix his Legacy and he shipped a Speeder for some reason. I contact GM, he says he never shipped anything. I call my Dad and he figures out the package is from North Carolina-- The same place I shipped the yos to. Connor received mine and gave me positive feedback yesterday.

This whole trade was over YYN, but he comes here more often (I think…) so I posted it here and I know the guys at YYN don’t care about any of this stuff.

So Connor, was there a mix up or what? I don’t want to call him a Scammer, but sure doesn’t look like a fair trade. I know he has many good trades so I don’t want to beleive he scammed me.

I have PMed him and I will edit the post if I get answers.


Strange. Both times I’ve traded with him were great. He probably mixed something up. I suggest contact him - He’ll probably fix it. From my experience, hes a great guy.