Congrats Samad!!!


Everyone, congratulation to Samad that he have 1000 posts or over in YYE!
Samad helped us on something, so he deserve it! :smiley:

Happy Throwing! =]

PS:Don’t cry Samad, lol


1101 i Assume… something around there can never be exact… not even at 2:00 am ;D Thanks Samad!


I won’t congratulate him for his post count, but I will congratulate him for all his great contributions to this community. ;D

(Mark) #4

Congratulations!!! I am so fortunate to commemorate this moment! It must be so cool especially because a lot of them are quality posts. Lol



(Jeromy K.) #6

MAN you have a lot of free time ;D JK way to go!


lol when i saw this post i thought he became a forum expert without me knowing. Grats samad :slight_smile:


That’s a funny post! :smiley:

Happy Throwing! =]

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #9

Congrats Samad. We know some of your post’s are uneccesary. but still, thanks for making YoYoExpert history!


(Ryan) #10

congratulations dude


Yeah 50% isn’t that bad, right?

Right??? :stuck_out_tongue:

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #12

Most of your post’s are helpful, and about 30% of them are uneccesary.


(Mikey) #13

samad you deserve this, you helped me with my legacy! ;D ;D :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: 8) 8)


I think you have more than 50% good ones, but still, if you have 50% good ones, that means you made 500 quality posts!!! Unlike me… ;D

Congrats Samad!!![/color]