Hey, if you guys have something to confess but are too embarassed to say it in public then type it here. Don’t worry, we all don’t know each other well but we are still friends.

I always imagine what it’s like to eat mayo out of the jar.


I find bugs strangely adorable…

(Connor) #3

I only swim in the Ocean at night. :stuck_out_tongue:

(JonasK) #4

I’m scared to death by jellyfish. If I have to swim in salt water which isn’t the Mediterranean, I don’t swim.

(JDrocks!) #5

i talk to my hitman. :-[ and when i drop it i say sorry and sometimes kiss it :-\

(Emily) #6

i dress my cat up

(JDrocks!) #7

lets get samad to reply ;D


Lucky! My cat dresses me up




^^I’m so embarrassed about that secret.


I’m embarrassed to that ^^^^^

That creep on our forums...

(JDrocks!) #10

im a creep :’(


M’kay then

(JDrocks!) #12

i thought we wher friends :’(



(WhyLovedEda?) #14

i admire beautiful girls!

much more they are cute like a cat!

(Connor) #15

I got a confession…

I hugged the box my DV888 came in. :smiley:


I’m a weirdo.

(JonasK) #17

I have pills to neutralize stomach acid.

I eat a lot of sugar.

(yoyobot) #18

i am a dork


I said

to the mail man when my X-convict and PGM came…

I drink about 2 sodas a day…

I go in the out door at target.


Me too.