cole sprouse from ''the suit life on deck''

(Marvin.D) #1

i wonder if cole sprouse from ‘‘the suit life on deck’’ real does yoyo if he does i wonder if anyone can get him on this site

(Shisaki) #2

Verrry small chance he really does and if he did he would be too busy doing shows to spend time on YYE. saddens me tho :’(

(Johnny T) #3

I think there is a small chance cause if you watched the episodes. You see him yoyo in the episode where Grant Johnson was a star guest in The Suite Life on Deck.


That was just an Episode based on yo-yoing cause that was the year where yo-yoing was featured on TV a lot. Disney decided to do the same thing.

BTW: Grant Johnson plays a good conceited pro yo-yoer.

PSS: Do pros get paid to show up on episodes like these?


I think he probably just learned a few easy tricks just for the sake of the show.

(SR) #6

He wasn’t all that good. He learned them for the sake of the show.


He learned Rock The Baby and Fordward Pass and I think that was it:

(Mitch) #8

Thats a pretty funny ending, and a sweet 2a freestyle


(Mitch) #10

The name of his super trick (Around the universe string theory?) would have been cooler as a gyro flop… But a trapeze into the yoyo rolling sideways was kinda corny…



(Shisaki) #12

Nope, it was around the world, forward pass, and rock the baby.

(Mitch) #13

The ending he does the the trapeze… Its his super trick, he does the Will Shatner space speach and throws a trapeze and tilts the yoyo on its side…


Look at 8:15 on part two.

Watch till the end.

People are doing Eli Hops and Cole is doing rock the baby and he was chosen over them… sad.


Ryan Gee was also in that episode :slight_smile:


Yep! I can see that.

Happy Throwing! =]