Coke or Pepsi?


Haha ain’t I a jerk? Really though, which one?


Pepsi/Pepsi Products FTW :smiley:


Diet Mountain Dew.

(+100 points if you know who said this)

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but I don’t drink pop :frowning:


Augie Fash!

I don’t drink soda often at all, but I prefer Coke.


Haha I knew the title would be changed lol.


Pepsi, because when people go on about “how terrible Pepsi is with their ads and who they sponsor” I get to go up to them and say, “exactly the reason I started drinking it.”

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I like Cola more because I feel that it disolves less in your mouth than Pepsi, and it has more of a syrupy consistancy compared (to me). Of course I will always buy store brand, not name brand, so my favorite black soda is Big8 Cola, but I am highly impartial to Lime Soda or Cream Soda when it’s in the refridgerator.

My favorite Soda of all time has to be Jones’ Root Beer.

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Diet Coke is my drink of choice.


h2o mostly but if I drink soda its Root Beer



but… as a welder… i have sadly been one of those who fell into energy drinks to work 11 hour shifts.
and i prefer Rockstar, Monster, and Beaver Buzz


Coke is too syrupy for me.

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I’m Canadian. I like syrupy.


actually i read in a newspaper a couple years ago that coke i sless popular than pepsi in canada


coke, its not as sweet as pepsi…

but, dunkin iced regular is best…

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Pepsi is usually outbeat by Coke. I usually mix it up. As I usually only drink soda when I have enough time for myself to just waste my time and drink soda, I buy Coke or Pepsi depending on the mood. I’ll usually pick up some SunnyD and rum though.

It’s just like I’m the only guy in Norway that actually prefers Heinz over this mild, tasteless Norwegian brand. Everybody but Norwegians know that Heinz is the best ketchup around.

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Coke. Fo’sho. Pepsi tastes like dirty socks. Coke came first and did it right.

But everyone knows that Bawls is the greatest drink of all time!