Code 2

if its as good as code1 … sign me up!!! … any one know release dates or have prototype pics?

Onedrop technology, plus a YYR shape.

This can only be absolute win.

Prototyping is currently underway. I’ll post something here once a design is settled upon.

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Things are coming along nicely. :slight_smile:

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I agree, things are coming along very very well. I wasn’t too excited about it, then I saw the red picture and was more excited, then seeing the first prototype, I’m very very excited to see this throw in person!

Can I have this :stuck_out_tongue:

Car insurance bill you got there?

Awesome job! mehgusta

Those are the G-numbers…you’d have to read the original thread over on their board to understand lol

Woo… Me want.

What are the specs?

Diameter: 56mm
Width: 44mm
Weight: (with aluminum spikes): 67.2g
Gap: 4.7mm
Response: One Drop Flow Groove

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You couldn’t settle for 67 huh Jrod? Had to go with 67.2…perfectionist? haha, jk I love it! Great job again. Can’t wait to hear about your first throw with it.

Loving it. Set one aside for me JRod!

Things are coming along with the CODE2. Just a teaser pic. :slight_smile:

It can be yours for ten easy payments of $99.99


Here’s a video Juan and Oscar in Salinas put together with Juan putting the CODE2 through some of his phenomenal new 5a and 1a.

Must haaaaaaveeeeee… :smiley:

Loooooooooooking goooood!!!

they play sooooo good.