club penguin


anyone play it?(Kim-lan?)


I’ve played it before, but the interest in it never really stuck for me because to get anything cool you have to pay real money for it.


ive played it!


I played it 3 months ago. I was bored to the point of no return, so i played! I played for 2 days, and got bored.


I think it would be more fun if you didn’t have to pay to get anything worth while.

(JonasK) #6

I played this in 6th grade. I think I still have an account. I also have lots of free stuff. And members do get favorised there.


Just a piece of advice, don’t waste your life playing online games, they do you no good, get you no where in life, and earn you no money at all.

Now I’m off to sell my runescape account for $200…


Well then in that case…I’m off to sell my World of Warcraft account for $1000…^.^


haha ;D But why do people buy accounts for these games for so much? I could easily sell my rs account for 120 dollars if i can find somewhere to sell it rofl!