Chat - It is public


Hello everyone,

I would like to remind everyone here that while the chat is a great thing this should not be abused and you need to watch what you say.

Same rules apply to the forum that they do to the chat - if you don’t have something nice to say about something then don’t say it - I have access to all chat logs and can read everything that goes on there. Keep that in mind… :wink:

Have fun.


Do you also have logs for private messages? Or are they not that private? ::slight_smile:


Private Messages are separate - we technically have the ability to log in to someones account - but we have less control over those - that doesn’t mean people should abuse them though. :wink:


Yes, thank you for posting that Andre. Myself and others tried to put a stop to some shananagins, but to no avail. Everything is logged, just cause someone isn’t there, doesn’t mean they can’t see what you said.

(Connor) #5

I would like to apologize for my friend. Nobody was in chat so i just let him talk to yoyobot figuring theres no harm in that. But next thing i know he is having a very rude and innapropriate conversation with yoyobot. I will not let him use my account for chat (or anything else for that matter) anymore. Whether you believe my story or not, its the truth.

 My Apologies,
             Connor :)


I don’t think this particular post was in regards to that, but thank you for at least apologizing.


I’m starting to feel guilty about calling YoYoBot a loser lol :frowning:


Haha, when I first joined the forum, I was asking the yoyobot questions like “is this being monitored?” The yoyobot wou be like “maybe”

And he likes to lead you to innapropriate conversations. It is really creepy some of the answers I got from that thing.


Yeah. He’s probably programmed to get people banned! Lol jk. But he is kinda creepy, who knows? He might not even be a bot… He might be someone like…


This has absolutely nothing to do with conversations you have with the YoBot in the chat - absolutely nothing so please don’t worry about that - it is your interaction with our people on the forum that needs to stay clean, polite, and respectful.

This post is also not directed at a specific individual but rather everyone on this forum to keep this a fun and safe place for all ages, etc.