Challenge 2

(M²) #1

This next game is called mindstab. Heres how it works we each think of a 4 color combination (out of colors red, blue, green, purple, black, white, and orange.). PM that color combination to everyone on your team, or at least some of then. We take turns guessing the color combo of the other team. And then that team tells them how much they got right eg. our combination is red, blue, orange, orange,
your guess blue, red, orange, green,
So we would respond, 3 of those colors are in right only one of them is in the right spot. And then after repeated guessing you’d get it. It takes some skill. I was originally thinking we’d guess each others at the same time but i figured that would get to confusing. So the other teams will guess the code of the kusagari first, then we’ll do crew 24/7’s and all the other teams code if they wish to play. I’ll pm the other teams the combination ive chosen, other teams get your code ready, im expecting people to be trustworthy during this game and not change there code. Here are the colors again:
red, blue, green, purple, black, white, and orange

(Jei Cheetah) #2

Team KOREKARAMO GANBATTE KUDUSAI has decided not to participate in these team games and focus instead on developing our tricks to be the best that we can be to become the greatest yoyo trick team there is.

On behalf of
Joshukai Yoshioka
Hensuke Taishiro
Briaku Yoshiaki
Guruhamu Kazuki
Matazuma Onikawa.

Team Korekaramo Ganbatte Kudusai.


m squared!! i never agreed to be on the team!! Not yet anyway and you sent me the combonation pm!

(M²) #4

fine, just dont tell anybody.

(Kei) #5

Cool, but you can do it in your spare time. Like when you are resting. IDK, do whatever you want.

I will start for crew 24/7


u should add that u can use the same color more than once

(M²) #7

you just did lol. Now other people. Start GUESSING!

(Kei) #8

Blue, green, purple, black

(M²) #9

1 color is right, but it’s not in the right spot.

(Kei) #10

White, Orange, Red, Blue

(M²) #11

2 colors are right but non of them are in the right place.

(Kei) #12

Green, white, orange, red

(M²) #13

3 are right and there in the right place

(drumma/yoyo) #14

Green white white white

(drumma/yoyo) #15

wait, why are we even doing this. We should make a repeater, or bind battle or something

(Kei) #16

This challenges are just mini games to do on the forums. We are just doing this for fun. Its no lik I am spending all of my time on this I am also getting ready for the tournament.

(M²) #17

3 colors are right, there all in the right spot.

(Kei) #18

Green, White, White, Red

(M²) #19

3 are right, 2 are in the right place.

(Kei) #20

Green, White, Orange, White

I dont see how both of these can be true.