🌴🐊 Central Florida Yoyo Club πŸͺ€ - Meetup June 6th

They are officially closing on the 31st, everything is marked down 30 to 50% off.


What, noooo! Please tell me this is an Episode of Punked. Please jump out of a bush and tell me I’ve been punked. I was planning on being in Orlando in December. This is where I got my first yoyo. It is where I get all my Duncans.


Would anyone be willing to look and see what they have and I send you the money if I like something? Mostly interested in Freehands.

i was camping in paisley :grin:

Hey y’all, is this club still active?

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Not currently. Maybe sometime next year we’ll start it up again at a new location.


Attention all Central Floridians and anyone else that cares, we will be hosting the first CFYYC meetup of 2021. Mark your calendars for June 6th, National YoYo Day at 1pm, hosted indoors at the Tipsy Bookworm in Plant City, FL. This is a family friendly beer garden and bookstore that is excited to have us.

More information to come in the next few days! Comment below if you’re going to try and make it.


Hype! Long drive, but I’m down.


Oh the Wonder!

edit: how many can they host?

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Nice. I’m in.


Ya know I’m not sure what the maximum would be. I should probably ask. The place is fairly spacious though.

Edit: from the owner β€œI mean anything over 100 might be a problem haha we’ve had up to like 50 people in here before and the space can handle it!”


All ages allowed?


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My wife made me a flyer.

Hope to see everyone out there, message me if you have any questions. Most if not all of the downtown restaurants are closed on Sundays so I would suggest having some lunch before you come through.


How was the meet? I forgot about it.

Tell your wife I said β€œnice flyer!!!”

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It was great, had like 15 to 20 people there. We taught several muggles how to yoyo, Anthony did a beatbox performance and I can’t wait to do it again.

I’m thinking we do it again July 10th or 11th but I’m considering switching up the location to make it more accessible for other folks a little further east.

If anyone has any location suggestions please PM me and let’s get to planning!