carnival cruise?


ya very random i know ;D. but im going on a cruise monday but i leave for florida saturday. (thats were the cruise leaves from) and I’ve been on 2 or 3 other cruises but i was kinda little. i went on the Norwegian dawn and the carnival princess (i think) and now im going on the carnival imagination and i was reading up on it and i found out this club for 12-14 yr olds called “Circle-c” they watch movies play videogames and do random stuff. This club is on almost all of the carnival ships. im not gana go there alot considering im going with my cousin and i dont need to meet people there and ill be in the pool all day but the pool closes at 10 and i need something to do at night. I want to find out what time “Circle-c” closes or if it does even close. i was also wondering about a club called “o2”. the club is for 15-17 yr olds and i might wana go there if they let me. My cousin that im going with is 15 and i wouldn’t wanna leave him and i go into a different club. im 14 so i could be the oldest in 1 club and hang with little kids, or the smallest in the club and chill with older kids and my cousin thats 15 and my older sister who is 16 and my other cousin thats 16 . if you have ever been to any of these clubs let me know. My cousin says he doesn’t wanna go to these clubs he just wants to hang out on the ship and watch shows and get 24 hour free ice cream and pizza. lol i dont know what to do!!!

Heres “Circle-c” -

Heres “o2” -