Card Magic

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #1

Hey does anyone know a REALLY good site to learn magic tricks using cards?


to learn them. I can’t think of any.
to buy them look here.


youtube,my friends learns all his magic tricks from there.


On demand from COmcast. I learned how to transfer a card from the deck to the lemon.


Now these aren’t all card tricks, but they are still tricks. Scamschool has lots of tricks, but there are several card tricks, look around!  ;D


Oh, cool, a potential magician on the Forums!!

I started out a couple years ago with a deck of cards and a couple magic books. Just learn sleights of hand and soon you’ll be making up you’re own tricks.

If you want a really good website, you’d have to buy the trick. is free, but they’re tricks are OK.

There are plenty of trick tutorials on YouTube(which I hate, cause it tells people the trick) and you can also learn from that. Just don’t post videos on YouTube, every tutorial posted is another amazing effect lost. Don’t contribute to that.

Just practice and soon you’ll be amazing people. With yoyos and magic.

(Mark) #7

I like magic but I haven’t done anything in a while. I just stick to yoyoing and coin tricks now.

#8 I found a tut. for this one here.